1. As a rule child who are 3 years 6 month old will be admitted to the L.K.G. class. A corresponding  
are scale is fixed for the Succeeding classes.

2. A child who joins fresh from home or from a private school has to produce official Birth-Certificate  
such as the Municipal or Baptism certificate in support of the date of birth entered in the admission  

3. A child who has attended any recongnized school will not be admitted without a school Leaving  
Certificate from the same.

4. Documents required for admission are not returned.

5. A calendar month’s notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a student or the fee will be  
charged. Such notice is to be given in writing by the personal responsible for the pupil and not by  
the pupil himself. Those who leave in April must pay their fee for May and June.

6. No School Leaving Certificate is given until all sums due to school have been paid in full.

7. A pupil failing to be promoted may have to discontinue his studies in the school. A pupil failing in  
the same class must discontinue his studies in the school.
Admissions and Withdrawal
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